Timid Tories

THE Tories’ stubbornness over alleviating the cost of living is increasingly dispiriting.

They have knocked back the entirely sensible proposal to bin or delay the National Insurance tax hike in April.

Boris and the Tories won an 80-seat majority - will they ever find the courage to use it?


Boris and the Tories won an 80-seat majority – will they ever find the courage to use it?Credit: AP

Imagine thinking now is the right time, with inflation soaring and our newly rebooted post-Brexit economy rebuilding from Covid, to hamper growth by pilfering £12billion a year from voters’ wages.

The Government is also cold on The Sun’s call to lop VAT off energy bills, as the noted Leave campaigner Boris Johnson promised we would outside the EU. Nor will they remove pricey green levies, as British Gas suggests. Why? Doubtless because they are terrified of being torn apart by the Left for backtracking on Net Zero pledges.

Sadly, that is now a common theme. On so many issues successive Tory Governments have been unduly cowed by noisy social media critics who will never, ever vote for them anyway.

Take their timid surrender to eco-hysterics whose baseless propaganda successfully smothered fracking at birth.

Britain should have been extracting shale gas for a decade now to achieve energy self-sufficiency and stable prices. But we will never enjoy that cheap gas.

Instead, when the heart-stopping bills for the imported stuff land in April we will just be left to cough up. Just over two years ago, in the real world beyond Twitter, the Tories won an 80-seat majority.

Will they ever find the courage to use it?

Set us free

WE will probably never be rid of Covid. But we must soon reclaim ALL our ­freedoms.

It is fantastic that Plan B curbs, and all travel tests for double-jabbed people arriving in the UK, are likely to go at the end of the month.

It is fantastic that Plan B curbs are likely to go at the end of the month but total freedom MUST return soon afterwards


It is fantastic that Plan B curbs are likely to go at the end of the month but total freedom MUST return soon afterwardsCredit: Reuters

But total freedom MUST return soon afterwards, assuming no variant far more severe than Omicron springs up.

We understand current reluctance, with cases high and the NHS under pressure.

But our new normality will involve living freely, with Covid as a flu-like illness.

Britain should lead the world in finally exiting this nightmare.

Wallpaper trail

THE Wallpapergate “scandal” does not, as the Left claims, expose a liar in No10.

Yes, Boris was careless, both at the time and when quizzed by Lord Geidt.

The reality is he is a chaotic PM having to tackle three giant problems: A once-in-a-century pandemic, Brexit and rebalancing our economy.

Perhaps understandably he devoted little brain space to interior decorating, or its funding, in a flat he does not own. His flaw in this case is not dishonesty.

It is an inability or unwillingness to accept how careful he must be as a Prime Minister whose every utterance is scrutinised to a degree he has never experienced.

Boris Johnson blames gas price increases for rise in fuel bills after he promised Sun readers Brexit would mean they’d be cheaper

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