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US to Add ‘Do Not Travel’ Advisories on 80 Percent of Countries Worldwide

The Department of State said on Monday that it will significantly increase the number of countries on its “Do Not Travel” advisory list to the tune of 80 percent of the nations worldwide due to risks associated with the pandemic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the coronavirus. The list had […]

Pompeo Violated Ethics Rules While Secretary of State: Watchdog

Mike Pompeo, while secretary of state, improperly asked a political appointee to carry out personal tasks, a watchdog said in a report published Friday. Pompeo and his wife, Susan, made over 100 requests to employees in the State Department’s Office of the Secretary, including the unnamed appointee, for work of a personal nature, such as […]

US State Department Denounces Attack on Hong Kong Epoch Times Printing Press

The State Department on April 13 denounced the assault by masked intruders on the printing facility of the Hong Kong edition of The Epoch Times and is urging officials in the city to investigate the incident. “We condemn the attack on the Epoch Times’ printing plant and urge the Hong Kong authorities to thoroughly investigate […]