A LITTLE girl found her epilepsy-sufferer mum dead in her flat and tragically called her dad saying “mummy’s fast asleep and I can’t wake her.”

Miley, four, found her 23-year-old mum Beckka Hull at their Cardiff home on the morning of January 3 after her medication allegedly “failed to arrive.”

Beckka, 23, was found dead by her daughter Miley, four


Beckka, 23, was found dead by her daughter Miley, fourCredit: Go Fund Me

Beckka was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 14 – and was given medication for it.

When she was 19, she and her partner at the time Ethan gave birth to little Miley – who answered the tot’s tragic call telling him that “mummy’s fast asleep.”

Beckka’s mum, Rachael, believes her epilepsy medication may have failed to be delivered the weekend before she died – and she thought this might have been “one of the factors” in her death.

The 23-year-old was tragically pronounced dead in her home on Bank Holiday Monday.

Speaking to WalesOnline, Beckka’s mum Rachael said: “Beckka’s my second child, and I’d never seen epilepsy before for myself. Even though I’d had epilepsy, I’ve never seen it on somebody else.

“So, as a mum, the first time I’d seen her fit, I just froze. And then I helped her, and I learnt how to help her.

“We don’t know what time she passed, or the cause of her death. But her four-year-old daughter found her ‘sleeping’, as she describes.

“She video-called her dad off her mum’s mobile at 8am, and said: ‘Dad, mummy’s fast asleep and I can’t wake her’.

“As soon as her dad realised the situation, he and his partner flew down to the flat as fast as they could. They phoned an ambulance on the way.”

Keeping Miley on the phone all the way, Ethan and his partner, Lauren, arrived at the home at 8.15am, with an ambulance turning up minutes later.

Rachael said: “Miley had to open a window to let them in because the doors were locked.

“They were able to come through the window and tried to resuscitate Beckka and they were unable to.”

The pair called emergency services and attempted to perform CPR while the tot stayed with a neighbour – but despite their efforts the mum was tragically pronounced dead.

It’s believed she died before anyone arrived at the home.

The mum added: “The police were knocking on my door. As you can imagine, I was just devastated.

“I said, ‘Please tell me she’s arrested, wake me up from this nightmare’, but unfortunately they were coming with the really bad news that she’d passed away – it was just horrendous.”

The devastated mum added: “The loss is horrendous, and it’s horrendous to think my granddaughter at the age of four had to do a video-call to her dad.

“And then he tried to help her, but couldn’t. So it’s just been devastating”.

Speaking about her daughter’s condition, Rachael said: “There had been times where Beckka’s epilepsy had been bad – not as bad as a lot of cases I know of.

“Unfortunately, we believe Beckka’s medication wasn’t delivered to her that weekend – on the Friday before [her death] it failed to be delivered.


“So that would have been one of the factors. At the moment, I’m telling myself that epilepsy has taken my daughter away from me.

“I haven’t really accepted that she’s gone – not yet, I haven’t. The difficult thing was telling her four-year-old daughter.”

Rachael now tells her heartbroken four-year-old granddaughter that her mum is a bright star in the sky – because she doesn’t want the tot to “see me break.”

She added: “We’re telling Miley that Mummy’s now the bright star in the sky.

“We just keep telling her that Mummy loved her very much and that she’ll always love her and she’ll always be watching over and when that star is bright in the sky, that’s Mummy winking at her.

“That’s kept us going at the moment. I don’t know at what point I’m going to break – I just don’t want her to see me break.”

On her own relationship with her Beckka, she said: “She was my rock. She really was my best friend.

“She was my soulmate. She was my everything. We were so close – we even lived so close. We practically lived on the same street, just different ends of the street. And we’ve always been so close.”

Rachael now wants to raise awareness of the importance of medication for epilepsy sufferers – so that no one has to go through what her daughter faced.

She said: “I would like to make aware that it’s very important that people take their medication for epilepsy, because when you are alone and things like this happen – if they can be prevented, God forbid, I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I’m going to have to go through for the rest of my life.

“If people haven’t got their medication, they need to find a way to get it – because it’s so important.”

Rachael’s GoFundMe page to help the family celebrate Beckka’s life and provide support for Miley, has surpassed its £1,000 target, with £3,170 donated already.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page to ‘Help celebrate Beckka’s life’ here.

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