Georgia Witness Testimony: Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore is a resident of DeKalb County who voted early and in person at the Lynwood Recreation Center in Brookhaven. Moore has said that she personally witnessed irregularities in the November election.

“Leaving the voting booth with my printed ballot, I approached the polling scanner desk and observed that there were two scanners on the table. The poll worker official asked me if my ballot code ended in a three or a four and directed me to place my ballot in the right scanner, based on the number at the end of my printed ballot. To clarify, my printer ballot was placed in the scanner based on the ending number on the ballot. DeKalb County board of elections and registrations has yet to provide a transparent answer for the purpose of the two scanners on the table.”

“I was scheduled to watch from one to 5 p.m. As a monitor I observed irregularities at nearly every table. Most notably, auditor pairs were not following procedures. Auditor A was supposed to read the candidate’s name printed on the ballot out loud, pass it to auditor B. Auditor B was supposed to verbally confirm the name on the ballot and sort ballots accordingly into piles. The overwhelming majority of auditors were not following this procedure, they were independently sorting and counting their own vote piles without the verification and communication piece.”

From NTD News

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