Black Conservative Activist: Fake News Media ‘Losing Viewerships Every Single Day’

Black conservative activist Nick Cunningham spoke to NTD at a rally in Washington D.C. on Dec. 12:

“They have reached so far out, calling Biden the president-elect. They don’t call him president-elect, he’s in the office of the president-elect. And they’ve gone so far that I’ve been telling people that this is going to be the biggest lie that the fake news media has given since 9/11, children in incubators, so on and so forth. And it takes organizations like yourself, like others. We are the real news now at this point. And so you know, at this point, yeah, the fake news media is really dug themselves in a hole in this one. American people know it, and you’re losing viewerships every single day. And that’s the reason why other entities like yourselves, like so many others that I won’t name, their rising and your falling is because of the lies you give.”

“And I know you know it, we know you know it. But again, you have to double down, don’t you. You have to double down because you have an agenda to push and the people understand and they know it. You know what, they have a monopoly on information right now. And the Internet has exploded since the creation of the Internet in the 90s. And of course, social media has jumped dramatically. The problem is that our legislators haven’t caught up with them. And that’s why they created a monopoly over information.”

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